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International Short Documentary



Jaroslav Malina, master of imaginary space -

A documentary - Duration 40 minutes


Jaroslav Malina,

How does living under a totalitarian regime affect an artist? This film sheds light on Jaroslav Malina’s life and career, showing how he worked with integrity and imagination, mixed with enough caution to allow him to survive and become a world leader in stage design.

Jaroslav grew up and lived under two despotic governments, naziism and communism.

On the one hand this did not hinder his creativity, which was already evident when he was a child. He pursued an artistic career in theatre design, and became a pioneer in “action design”, an approach to scenography that is metaphorical rather than decorative. For this he received worldwide recognition as a master and innovator in his field. Jaroslav’s decors are amazingly versatile, often made with lavish use of textile. At times they strongly resemble his paintings, which while varying from figurative to abstract, are always lyrical. Also his art has met with widespread appreciation, including in the United States.

Nevertheless, as a family man and artist Jaroslav always felt the pressure of jeopardized freedom. He dared to include critique of the communist regime in his decors, but in a way obvious only to those with eyes to see. His life and career by no means safe,  he continued to support fellow artists whose protests, crucial in arousing public feeling against the government, were expressed in  the Velvet Revolution and eventually led to the fall of communism. Here we see him at work on a new stage design for the Czech opera Dalibor by BedĹ™ich Smetana, whose heroic music permeates the film.


(note: Malina’s mother was for some years secretary to Josef Korbel, the father of Madeleine Albright, former Foreign Minister of the United States)



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