On this page you find DVDs with a selection of several techniques, like ceramics, photography and glass.

DVD Various techniques AOF.E-012


Merle Anderson
Wim van Passel
Tricia Porter
Furnituire Designers
Wales & Wales

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Merle Anderson - Goldsmith  She designs and makes jewelry with great sensitivity for her materials and a playful use of forms. 10 min

Wim van Passel - Photographer For along time Van Passel made photos of industrial products, with excellent results. Now he travels all over the world to places like Antartica, making stunning photos of nature which are used to provoke social concern for the environment. 6 min

Tricia Porter - Photographer Although people are the main subject of Tricia Porter's photos, she has also made an amazing series of pictures of old military vehicles left to rust in beautiful natural settings, usually near where she lives in East Hampshire, England. Her work has often been used in book illustrations. 7 min.

Wales and Wales - Furniture designers  Since 1980 Alison and Rod Wales have worked together as couple and artistic team. They design and make daring and delightful furniture marked by originality and taste. “We aspire to produce timeless, intelligent design, principally, though far from exclusively in wood.” As top modern British furniture designers they have had exhibitions in England, the U.S.A. and Europe.  8 min



DVD Various techniques AOF.E-011


Bernard Heesen
Henk Wolvers
Jan van 't Hoff
Peter Gabrië

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Bernard Heesen is the son of a well-known Dutch glass-blower, William Heesen. Upon completion of his architecture study he became an apprentice to his father, and eventually began to make his own designs. Now, after many years of experience, there is hardly a project he cannot handle. See

Henk Wolvers As maker of ceramics, Henk Wolvers has for many years concentrated almost exclusively on porcelain. After continuous experimentation he has mastered the use of this difficult material and produces exquisite receptacles withsubtle color combinations. See

Jan van 't Hoff is a painter of portraits, landscapes and still-lifes who sometimes likes to take on a different challenge. Here we see him at work on a mosaic for the outside wall of an elementary school.  See

Peter Gabrielse worked for many years designing decors for Dutch television. During that time he also began making peep-boxes, using items from his rich cache of old and scavenged objects. The result is a collection of alluring and intriguiging miniature interiors.