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Asaph ben Menahem was born during a bombardment of Tel Aviv at the beginning of WW2, he grew up in a land which partly owed her existence to the Holocaust; he was also a soldier in the 4-day war. Ben Menahem chose three areas of study, all of which have played an important role in his life: literature, philosophy, and art. He makes no easy impressionistic pictures or painstaking still-lifes. His preparation is usually mental, wrestling with stories from the Bible or world literature before expressing them in his art. He studied in both the United States and Israel, exhibiting his work in both countries as well as in the Netherlands. 

Kea Homan finds her inspiration in nature. After a day spent at the beach and in the dunes she is ready to get to work. Her woodcuts reflect who she is: straightforward, clear, and approachable. Here we see her cutting away in her studio.

Reinder Homan is in a class by himself as a maker of etchings. Whispering grass, widelandscapes and dark woods come to life in his work. At the beginning of his career he occasionally drew from his imagination but came to the conclusion that his "imagination couldn't compete with nature", where he continues to find his inspiration, to the delight of his admirers. Homan’s work can be found in several museums in the Netherlands as well as in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kees de Waal has led a very versatile life. During WW2 he did his training at a school for textiles, which prepared him to develop the family business into a successful chain of shops in men's wear. In the 1980's his son took over the business, freeing de Waal to con- centrate on art and on setting up a foundation to help children in South America. He uses various techniques, beginning with printed paper on which he prints, draws, glues, and paints. Then he applies texts to tantalize the viewer.

Peter Wortel has made a name for himself not only with his woodcuts, but also with his distinctive reliefs made from corroded zink, copper and aluminum. He also makes sculptures and installations using glass, plastic, or wood. Prominent themes for Wortel are architecture, cities, and the people who live there. He especially loves tunnels, a fact which led to an exhibition of his monumental work in the London Museum of Transport.



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